Krasota Dubai opens at The Address Downtown Hotel

an immersive gastro-theatre, combining visual art, haute cuisine and advanced technology

krasota dubai
Krasota Dubai - The Address Downtown Hotel

Krasota Dubai opens at The Address Downtown Hotel, Dubai

Krasota Dubai, an immersive gastro-theatre and the latest dining concept from the White Rabbit Family restaurant alliance, opens its doors at The Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai. Krasota Dubai creates a mesmerizing and unforgettable gastronomic experience by offering a unique combination of visual art, haute cuisine, and advanced technology.

krasota dubai
Krasota Dubai – Immersive Gastro Theatre

Krasota Dubai is an ambitious and forward-thinking immersive project aiming to collide visual fine arts with the art of fine dining. Its premiere show, Imaginary Art, brings the paintings of international artists of the late 19th and early 20th century to Dubai’s thriving epicurean scene. Guests are invited to enter a gastronomical theatre, an auditorium with a large circular table for 20 diners, with a pixel-perfect 3D multimedia performance projected across the curved walls and adorned table. Each act of the gastro-performance, in other words, each course of the set menu, is dedicated to and inspired by the creations of eight world-renowned artists, complemented by audiovisual multimedia content.

A special dish for each gastro-show act

Vladimir Mukhin, the instrumental force behind the Krasota theatre, has curated gastronomic creations that are both innovative and delicious, giving diners a mesmeric experience to seduce all their senses. Chef Vladimir Mukhin has created a bespoke dish for each act of the gastro-show, matching the respective artistic style to the fullest.

krasota dubai
Krasota Dubai – Special Dish for each Gastro-Show Act

Krasota’s visual art is created by Film Director and co-owner, Anton Nenashev, who brings the Art to life through interactive installations, 3D projections, and custom AI designs to combine visual storytelling and haute cuisine.

A charming interior design

The interior design by Natalia Belonogova creates a cohesive, entrancing experience that transports diners to a different world. Natalia believes that exploring the relationship between nature, Art, and modern human life is the best way to create a favorable and balanced environment.

Krasota Dubai – Charming Interior Design

Boris Zarkov, restaurateur, founder of the White Rabbit Family, and the mastermind behind the project, says,

Krasota is a hypnotic experience that engages all your senses. We have curated an experience that blends visual art, gastronomy, and interior design to transport diners to a different world. Krasota is a project that we are extremely proud of, and we can’t wait to share it with the world.

Imaginary Art show

Krasota promises to be a unique and unforgettable culinary experience that blends Art, visual projections, and high-end cuisine. The project is a testament to the White Rabbit Family’s commitment to pushing boundaries and creating original experiences.

krasota dubai
Krasota Dubai – Imagine Art Show

The Imaginary Art show consists of welcome Amuse Bouche, eight courses and eight visual acts, with two signature cocktails served in the intervals, and prices start from AED 2,318. Show timings are as follows: Matinee at 3PM, First Soirée at 6PM, and Second Soirée at 9PM.

Bookings are essential, and theatre tickets are available here or by calling the Krasota Box Office at +971 4 433 1258.

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