Dusoul jewelry; new brand by Dhamani Group

seeks to capture millennial market, opening 10 boutiques in the UAE by Expo 2020

Dusoul Jewelry
Dusoul - Jewelry with Soul - Dhamani Group

Dusoul – Jewelry with Soul

The Dhamani Group is excited to announce the launch of a new jewelry brand within its portfolio; Dusoul, aimed at the aspirational and inspirational millennial generation. Dusoul jewelry is envisaged as a passionately crafted jewelry brand, born from the desire to develop collections with a more accessible price point whilst ensuring that the key components of the Dhamani group, quality, craftsmanship and design, are retained.

Dusoul Jewelry
Dusoul – Jewelry with Soul – Modern, Aspirational, Inquisitive

The Dusoul jewelry brand stands out with its innovative designs and sparkling personality which echo the spirit of the inspirational city from which the brand is created. As such, Dusoul encompasses the modern, aspirational, inquisitive nature of the ever-evolving landscape of Dubai.

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Dhamani Jewels Group

With over 50 years of experience, the Dhamani Jewels Group is a pioneer in the diamond and jewelry industry across Asia and the Middle East headquartered in Dubai Multi Commodities Center Authority.

Dusoul Jewelry - Ahmed Bin Sulayem - DMCC Executive Chairman
DMCC Executive Chairman – Ahmed Bin Sulayem

Dhamani is one of the region’s largest wholesalers of gemstones and diamonds and retailers of high-end diamond jewelry and we are delighted to host their global headquarters in DMCC’s Almas Towers since 2011, said Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC.

Dhamani Jewels Group sees an opportunity in the jewelry sector to offer a more affordable jewelry brand.

Dhamani Jewels Group CEO and Managing Director, Mr. Amit Dhamani comments,

With Dusoul jewelry we will be addressing an increasing clientele of global customers looking for affordable luxury who will visit Dubai for Expo 2020 and beyond.

Dusoul jewelry: a mix of in-house collections and international brands

Dusoul jewelry showcases a unique mix of in-house designed collections, brought to life by the natural elements of sun, sea, sand and the stars. These pieces sit alongside an exciting and exclusive edit of renowned international brands. Each of the thoughtfully curated, mesmerizing collections offer a style to reflect an array of styles and personalities.

Rohit Dhamani, Executive Director and CEO of Dusoul notes,

Dusoul jewelry has complete control over the sourcing and manufacturer of its collections, from the acquisition of precious metals and stones, through the design and manufacture process to the end result in our boutiques. As such, we are committed to create Jewelry with soul.

Dusoul Jewelry - In-house Collections and International Brands
Dusoul Jewelry – In-house Collections and International Brands

Dusoul jewelry will also stock selected international brands, showcasing their latest collections endorsed by celebrities and socialites from around the world. These include three fine jewellery brands; Palmiero, Casato and Giovanni Ferraris, Brumani, a timeless yet contemporary Brazilian brand, and Moiseikin, a statement brand from Russia.

Dusoul jewelry will focus on developing a diverse customer base of millennial who are looking for quality, craftsmanship and unique design credentials but to whom the allure and magnetic appeal of owning fine jewellery is an important rite of passage.

Dusoul jewelry shop at Atlantis, The Palm

Dusoul jewelry is proud to announce the flagship boutique opening at Atlantis, The Palm, Avenues as a prestigious and sought after location.

The boutique utilizes a blend of specially sourced fabrics and materials creating a warm and inviting environment in which to discover Dusoul.

Dusoul Jewelry
Dusoul – Jewelry with Soul – Atlantis The Palm

The retail experience is further enhanced by innovative technology, offering unique and state of the art digital display software, allowing real-time social media interaction between the brand and clients. Live broadcasting of all social media with a Dusoul tag will result in the automatic display onto screens in store.

Dusoul Jewelry - Ms. Leila Suhail - DTCM
CEO of the Strategic Alliance and Partnerships Sector, DTCM and Entities – Ms. Leila Suhail (Left)

CEO of the Strategic Alliance and Partnerships Sector, DTCM and Entities, Ms. Leila Suhail comments,

I am pleased and encouraged by the efforts of the private sector in general and the retail sector in particular, as they work closely with the government of Dubai to further enhance the emirate’s position as a tourism destination offering unique shopping experiences.

Ten boutique openings in the UAE aimed by Expo 2020

A dynamic store network is planned, a pipeline of 10 further boutiques in a range of locations including Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi, Zahia Mall, Sharjah, Nakheel Mall, The Palm, Mall of the Emirates, and Emirates Towers in Dubai, to be opened by Expo 2020.

Expo 2020 Dubai will be a festival of human ingenuity; showcasing what is possible when new ideas and people connect their minds to create the future. With Expo 2020 Dubai in sight, The Dhamani Group is looking ahead to an increasingly multicultural and diverse demographic of future customers to experience Dusoul jewelry and the spirit of the brand.

This is in line with the UAE vision 2021 and the Vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed, becoming the economic, touristic and commercial capital for more than two billion people by transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, promoting innovation and research and development, strengthening the regulatory framework for key sectors, and encouraging high value-adding sectors.

Mr Rohit Dhamani, CEO of Dusoul jewelry comments,

The advent of Dusoul jewelry is answering the need of a gap in the market where luxury brands and fine jewelry brands dominate. Dusoul jewelry sees a place for a truly innovative and more accessible price point. We are incredibly excited about the launch and hope to attract a new breed of connoisseur in the coming months and years.


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