Bulgari Il Cioccolato commemorates its 10th Anniversary with the creation of an exclusive chocolate; “Cuore d’Oro”

Cuore d’Oro – Only 5 pieces in Dubai!!

Bulgari Il Cioccolato commemorates its 10th Anniversary since the opening of its very first boutique in Tokyo in 2007. To celebrate this memorable year, an exclusive chocolate has been created: the “Cuore d’Oro”.

Cuore d'Ore

This one of a kind product is not only a chocolate, it is typical Italian Cremino. Freshly made at Bulgari Tokyo Restaurant, this savory gem is an explosion of flavors with 6 unique layers and a combination of dried fruits and biscuits with lemon and hazelnut, pistachio, soft chocolate biscuit and crispy chocolate sable. The different layers are burnished with 1 gram of gold leaves inside the gem giving the “golden heart” appellation.

Cuore d'Ore
Cuore d’Oro

The iconic Bulgari logo is replicated onto a sensual  gleaming white chocolate representing the color of the famous Bulgari “champagne gold” color.

The lucious “Cuore d’Oro”, meaning the generous heart, is the absolute gem to share with loved ones and can be divided into 6 portions. The sweet is perfect to express affection and generosity and is a limited edition with only 5 pieces available in Dubai.

For further information, www.bulgarihotels.com


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