French Ella K Parfums embalms Dubai

Launched in the UAE by Das Elite, regional luxury perfume distributor and retailer

Ella K Parfums Dubai
Ella K Parfums - French Fragrances in Dubai

Ella K Parfums launches in Dubai

Regional luxury perfume distributor and retailer, Das Elite, recently launched the French Ella K Parfums in Dubai.

Ella K Parfums Dubai
Ella K Parfums – Launch Event in Dubai

ELLA K is a fantasy heroine who is counted among three female explorers from another time, who have inspired generations of women since their exploits nearly a century ago: Ella Maillart, Karen Blixen and Alexandra David- Neel. Without ever being the incarnation of her creator, she is nonetheless born of her imagination.

Freed from the constraints of time and space, she recognizes no limits or boundaries to her explorations. She is in ceaseless search of the ultimate interior journey, to meet with strangers and attempt to discover that distant state that exists elsewhere. Adventure is her religion. Liberty is her extravagance.

Ella K adventure by Sonia Constant

I have always been fascinated by the strength of character that these women displayed to establish their independence and to lead the lives of which they had dreamed. With a thirst for freedom, their sheer audacity led to some extraordinary ‘careers’.

They were part of a trail-blazing group that made their mark, and each in her way has inspired the ELLA K character. I find their life’s journeys truly inspiring and I admire their pioneering spirit. I would like to think that, in some small way, with the ELLA K adventure, I am following in their footsteps.

~ Sonia Constant, Co-founder and perfumer

Ella K Parfums Dubai
Ella K Parfums – Sonia Constant & Sarah Baydoun

The Ella K Heritage is an invitation to explore and to be daring. Open the mind to the beauty and diversity the world has to offer. Choose the path to self-achievement through boldness, inquisitiveness, exploration, encounters and the incessant search for spiritual enrichment and by being yourself.

Working with my olfactory senses and, in particular, in the ELLA K adventure, is for me a way of unconsciously touching others. Of course, my creations have their own real story and are inspired by capturing such incidents.

But I am not trying to impose anything, I just want to suggest. I hope to be able to arouse people’s curiosity and offer an invitation to explore. Afterwards, they are the ones who will leave without me. I would like to think that they make their own discoveries before taking up my perfumes.

~ Sonia Constant

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Seven Fragrances

The first seven fragrances created by Sonia are sensory witness each to a different experience, and together they represent the first chapter in a creative adventure on which Sonia Constant has just embarked.

Ella K Parfums Dubai
Ella K Parfums Dubai – Seven Fragrances

Each one is the fruit of a precise, refined alchemy, the result of a short formula written and re-written, with no rigid time-scale, but imbued with the obsession of attaining purity and a precision designed to produce just the right emotion created by the accords. At the heart of each fragrance, Sonia uses an iconic base material that embodies a moment or a sensation, which she then envelops in a palette of natural, captive notes.

Available at Beautique, Dubai Festival City Mall.

For more information, please visit

Tribute to Japanese peony / rose surrounded by floral musky accords


Kyoto, Japan. The exquisite rose bushes in full bloom lining the alley drench the air with their powerful fragrances. Discreetly hidden at the end lies the entrance to the Japanese garden; a visual and sensual surprise. The mineral map of rocks, gravel and wood appears as if tracing life’s internal make-up. The spirit seems elsewhere, suspended between two worlds seeking celestial inspiration.

This new composition is above all an invitation to embark on an interior journey sparked by the extraordinary experience of Japanese rock gardens. At first, with sensations mingling inextricably with the garden’s mineral and vegetal ‘life’, I created a cerebral version.

The mineral character of the gravel is carried by an accord of Ambrofix, benzoin and nutmeg. The fragrance emanating from the maple wood is evoked by using Kephalis, a molecule with warm woody notes. Vegetation is translated by lush, green notes. But all that is just the external dressing for the main ingredient, a mixture of rose Alba and Japanese peony, whose brilliant notes are associated with the sparkling vivacity of the kumquat/bergamot accord. Together, this translates into a state of illumination, as the ultimate goal for those seeking to attain the immaterial. They form a sort of luminous halo hovering above the mineral accord and help to encompass that state of levitation that people seek when entering this garden.

Tribute to spider lily surrounded by radiant woody accords


Khao Sok in Thailand an impenetrable jungle some 160 million years old, watered by the monsoons and the mists of the Andaman sea. At daybreak, the mist rises to reveal the floral, transparent freshness of the white flower- filled forest borders, and exhales moist, green and woody perfumes. Unseen in the distance, the gibbons impose their presence on this mysterious awakening with their characteristic early-morning calls.

Tribute to bergamote surrounded by fresh and fruity accords


To the north-west of Kyoto, a majestic bamboo forest links the Earth to the sky above. The green topping of the bamboo stalks takes the eyes seemingly to infinity, but no, you see it gently swaying in the delicate breeze, giving the chance for a few fleeting rays of sun to pierce the shade. Sagano invites the visitor to join the bamboo and luxuriate in the poetry surrounding it.

Tribute to lotus surrounded by fresh and aquatic accords


Vietnam, Ha Long Bay. “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”. It’s under the junks which slice through the surface of the sea, in the saturated air above and, in the distance, in the clouds announcing the arrival of the monsoons. The aromas of nature’s all- enveloping shroud are present in all these forms.

Tribute to iris surrounded by woody and musky accords


Florence, Italy: pretend you are on a romantic journey, but take a cultural turn and let yourself fall under the spell of the wonders in the Uffizi Gallery. The mandatory visit to one of the Florentine churches whose mystical scents lead inexorably to pushing open their heavy doors. Once inside the nose is treated to an eternal aroma as it is assailed by the aromatic fragrances from incense, sculpted wood, ancestral stone and, yes, even raw concrete. The surprise of a stolen oh-so-sweet kiss interrupts the contemplation and allows time to pass again.

Tribute to rose surrounded by oriental spicy accords


Pushkar, Rajasthan: from dawn till dusk, this sacred site arouses the senses. Visual opulence and intoxicating aromas seem to underline the power of faith in those who seek to purify their soul at the lakeside. Nature is happy to play along with the legendary nature of the site: the roses only flourish on the lakeside so as to be able easily to offer their petals to the Lord Brahma, and the setting sun forms a vivid backdrop for the bewitching melodic strains from the faithful.

Tribute to leather surrounded by creamy woody accords


The Altaï Mountains, Kazakhstan: a remote corner of the country, squeezed between China and Mongolia, where the harsh conditions are only rivaled by the wild beauty of the landscape. Here nature is in its primal state and the vast open spaces generate an intoxicating impression of freedom. In the distance an eagle swoops on its prey and in its wake a majestic Kazakh cavalcade.

Tribute to vetiver surrounded by woody spicy accords


Epupa, Namibia: Africa, the Earth and its origins. The rays of a scorching sun sweep the ochre-coloured parched earth above which a dust-cloud hovers languorously. At the end of the trail – the Epupa Falls appear like a mirage in the middle of the desert, the surprise of an oasis after the dryness of the journey. The magic of life.