Le Gemme Reali, a strong Bvlgari emotion

A seamless bond between High Jewelry and Fragrances worlds

Le Gemme Reali by Bvlgari
Bvlgari - Le Gemme Reali


In perfumery, the artist perfects the initial scent of nature.
He cuts it and sets it in the same way as a jeweler intensifies and brings out the clarity of a stone

Joris-Karl Huysmans

Bvlgari - Le Gemme Reali - A Regal Trio
Bvlgari – Le Gemme Reali – A Regal Trio

Bulgari presents Le Gemme Reali, the “royal gems”, the new trilogy of Eaux de Parfum for women that enriches its Haute Parfumerie collection, Le Gemme.

Transforming precious gemstones into fragrances, Le Gemme seamlessly bond the worlds of High Jewelry and Fragrances, representing the highest expression of Bulgari’s quest for the “Gems of Nature,” sourced from all over the world both as precious stones and as the finest ingredients for its perfumes.

More than ever, Bulgari Le Gemme Reali is a luxurious dialogue where the color and historic symbolism of each stone is literally embodied in the fragrances’ rare ingredients, creating a sensorial tribute that melds past and present.

Having created its own “gems-road,” with this new collection Bulgari travels across the Eastern Roman Empire where the sapphire, emerald and ruby reigned supreme. Three queenly stones that journeyed down the five silk, spice and gemstone roads that followed the Indus over the mountains and on the high plains of Pakistan and Tibet, across Persia and into Mesopotamia.

Master Perfumer - Alberto Morillas - Bvlgari Le Gemme Reali
Master Perfumer – Alberto Morillas – Bvlgari Le Gemme Reali

The Perfumes – A Regal Trio

Composed by Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas, the new trilogy represents the olfactory translation of these three gems, emblems of both Byzantine art and of Bulgari’s creativity and legacy.

Bulgari’s timeless codes and unique virtuosity in melding strong colours, the size and brilliance of exceptional stones, are fully expressed in these new fragrances.

They are created according to the highest art of perfume-making with luxurious ingredients and intense olfactory colors: sapphire blue for Nylaia, emerald green for Veridia, ruby red for Rubinia.

Watch: A seamless bond between High Jewelry and Fragrances

Le Gemme Reali – The Bottle Design

The design of the bottles fully captures the uniqueness of each fragrance, as well as the spirit, grandeur and tradition of bygone times. In ancient Greece, the totemic vessels used for exchanges between cultures became known as amphiphoreos.

Mirroring the Roman jeweler’s heritage and soul, the fragrances are encapsulated in small amphorae adorned with a trinity of cabochons: sapphire blue for Nylaia, emerald green for Veridia, ruby red for Rubinia. A triad of colors and a cut that is synonymous with Bulgari jewels.

Le Gemme Reali - The Design - A Bvlgari Jewel
Le Gemme Reali – The Design – A Bvlgari Jewel

They are also highly evocative of the perfumes, essences, spices and precious goods that travelled along the roads of the Western and Eastern Roman Empire.

Another common thread of this precious trilogy is the iconic eight-branched Roman star chiseled on the caps, a symbol of openness to other countries that perfectly epitomizes the journey traveled by Sotirio Voulgaris, Bulgari’s founder, from his native Greece to the heart of Rome.

Le Gemme Reali – The Trilogy


The name Nylaia – from Sanskrit, Nyla, for “blue” – pays tribute to the land of Kashmir, home to stunning sapphires whose intense hue is as unrivalled as their price.  The most noble and sacred gemstones, sapphires symbolize power, radiance and inner strength. Referred to as the “stone of the stars” by the Egyptians, they are longstanding emblems of royalty and aristocracy, of the divine world and immortality.

 An oriental powdery Eau de Parfum, Nylaia is an olfactory allegory which captures the radiating force of the most mystical of corundums via one of the most exquisite ingredients in a perfumer’s palette: iris pallida. A unique Italian rhizome which Alberto Morillas mixes with jasmine, the mystical character of benzoin and the purity of white musks and ambergris accords. 

In Nylaia, I have brought a deeply serene yet tactile warmth to the floral emotion of the iris, with benzoin tears combined with ambergris and white musk accords, a complexity that echoes the many facets of sapphire with its subtle blue.

Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer


Blue Iris and Absolute of Jasmine SambacAbsolute of Siam BenzoinAmbergris and White Musk Accords
Powdery – Floral

Warm – Sensual

Caressing – Transparent – Pure

The Timeless Nobility of the Blue Iris

The perfect alter-ego to the sapphire, the rarity and exorbitant price of the “blue gold” of perfumery are explained by the time it takes to reveal its blue iridescent olfactory splendor: nearly six years between planting and extraction. 

The Mystical Sensuality of Benzoin

A resinous plant that releases its drops by incision, Siam benzoin grows primarily in the north of Laos and in Vietnam, between 800 and 1600 meters above sea level. Considered a precious and sacred offering since the dawn of time, amber-yellow absolute of Siam benzoin is considered the rarest and the most prized.

The Purity of the Ambergris – White Musk Accords

Alberto Morillas has modernized the fragrance of iris with virtuosity. The accord of the mysterious and sensual notes of ambergris and of luminous white musks adds a seductive effect and defines the intensity of the fragrance. A timeless and voluptuous accord which also evokes the “soft” nature of Kashmir sapphires and their purple hues mixed with blue.


The oriental woody Veridia – from the Latin viridis, “green” – sets off a distinctive and intense play on contrasts between galbanum, vanilla and incense.

A magnetic Eau de Parfum that evokes the luminous and intense green of the emerald, reminiscent of the wealth and splendor of the Byzantine imperial gardens. The emerald’s intense green coloring, the stone’s cut and the way it intersects the light are harmoniously captured in this unique fragrance of long-lasting energy where freshness and warmth bond, where the crisp notes of galbanum, the precious nature of frankincense and the soft nuances of vanilla produce an unexpected combination of hot and cold.

Magnetic and esoteric, the emerald has long been considered a talisman, a symbol of eternity and spirituality, of good over bad, which dates back 65 million years. Deeply linked with royalty, emeralds also symbolize Bulgari’s ability to innovate. In the Fifties, Bulgari was the first jeweler to combine emeralds with turquoises and amethysts, creating unexpected trios, cut in generous cabochons. Alberto Morillas opted for powerful vegetal incense filled with luminosity, a concentration of opulence which is quintessentially Bulgari, interpreted by noble ingredients which are naturally hypnotic.

This full and deep green possesses an esoteric power and a sublime creative light that I interpreted with vegetal incense. A precious talisman, it reproduces the emerald’s facets around this incense — from its brilliant green through the vibrant notes of galbanum and angelica to its dense green with the magnetic notes of patchouli and vanilla.

Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer




Essence of Galbanum – Essence of Angelica

Incense tears

Bourbon Vanilla – Heart of Patchouli

Spicy – Woody – LuxuriantPrecious – Sensual – Balmy

Mysterious – Magnetic – Addictive

The Light of Galbanum Essence

This large plant grows in the Orient produces a sacred gum that was once burned as an offering during religious ceremonies. The galbanum of the Levant adds its grassy and spicy tones into the fragrance, giving Veridia a remarkable green freshness.

The Mystery of Incense Tears

As precious as gold in ancient times, this resin with balsamic, woody, smoky notes, embodies the original perfume par excellence. In India especially, incense smoke has a purifying and protective role, connecting civilizations to the gods for thousands of years. Appreciated for centuries, it was transported thousands of kilometers to the ports of the Mediterranean, giving birth to the legendary “Incense Road.”

The Sensuality of Bourbon Vanilla

Generous, sensuous and captivating, vanilla is exotic nectar that Alberto Morillas re-imagines with an aphrodisiac quality. A favorite since the dawn of time, its pods, which only reveal their full olfactory power after a year, offer a complex perfume composed of several hundred fragrant molecules. It boasts an entire palette of caramelized, milky, amber, woody, and spicy, smooth facets.


The intense and passionate heart of the ruby pulsates with intensity in Rubinia, an oriental amber Eau de Parfum whose name derives from rubino (ruby in Italian), creating a fragrance that inflames the senses through sumptuous raw materials.

A carmine elixir of burning and intoxicating intensity, at once seductive and luminous. A blend of sparkly citrusy signature notes, evocative of the sunny brightness of Sicilian mandarin, enhanced by the strength and boldness of sandalwood with flamboyant accents and underlined by the addictive ardor of the Tonka bean.

In India, rubies were considered the “Queen of Precious Stones,” often described as drops from the blood of the gods. Thanks to its deep red nuance, the rarest in the mineral world, it was a luxury for men and women with longstanding power. A testament of courage, strength and victory, it also embodies powerfully attractive and captivating burning love.

For Rubinia, I imagined glowing sandalwood, immersed in an amber bath as if to calm, in vain, the ardor it provokes. The incandescent glow of Sicilian mandarin exalts the senses with sparkling freshness. Its enveloping heat is multiplied tenfold by notes of copaïba wood.  Tonka bean elevates the fragrance’s addictiveness to its height.

Alberto Morillas, Master-Perfumer



Sicilian Mandarin

Sandalwood Absolute – Copaiba Wood notes

Tonka Bean Absolute

Luminous – CitrusyIntense – Creamy – Enveloping

Addictive – Sensual

The Brightness of Sicilian Mandarin

The explosive luminosity of the Sicilian Mandarin is sweet and bitter at the same time. The fresh blend of Sicilian Mandarin adds a touch of spiciness to the seductive hyper femininity of the scent. Italy is one of the main producers of this citrus fruit originally from China, whose essence is obtained by cold-pressing its skin.

 The Majestic Sandalwood

The essence extracted from the heart of santalum album, a tree from eastern India, is considered liquid gold. Its scent with its narcotic smoothness is said to be aphrodisiac. Rare and precious, it takes a quarter of a century to reach the height of its fragrance. Used as an absolute, the sandalwood in Rubinia gently stirs the senses.

Addictive Tonka Beans

The aromatic seed of Brazilian teak is a jewel of High Perfumery considered an uncut gem. Its rare scent and its gourmand signature with its almond, tobacco and balsamic facets add a rich and addictive trail to the Eau de Parfum Rubinia.

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