Ivar Jewelry, stunning jewels from the Maldives

traditional Indian craftsmanship combined with contemporary designs

Ivar Jewelry
Ivar Jewelry by Ritika Ravi

Ivar Jewelry sophisticated Indian collections with a modern twist

Created by the talented Ritika Ravi, Ivar Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand, born in India and launched in the Maldives. 

Inspired by the designer’s experiences and the Maldives island’s casual lifestyle, Ivar’s jewelry combines the best of traditional Indian craftsmanship and contemporary designs. 

The unique portrayal of age old Indian techniques in modern and western styles results in Ivar’s exclusive and inimitable jewels. The collections bring forth a modern twist to traditional Indian jewelry practices, creating the path for the brand’s international appeal and accessibility.

The name Ivar is derived from Ritika’s family name, more specifically her father’s name, Ravi. Meaningful, fun and sophisticated, the brand name signifies the designer’s commitment to family and their core values: creativity, quality and business ethics.

The “10.18” Collection

The 10.18 is the launch collection of Ivar. It breathes the sentiment of the brand: born in India and launched in the Maldives. The result is a stunning collection of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, all of which are a combination of gems with white or rose gold.

The gems are a mirror of the stunning natural colors that paint the Maldives islands. Polki or uncut diamonds cut in the traditional Indian fashion reflect the beautiful sunlight playing on the waters.The many hues of sapphire echo the endless tones of the Maldivian lagoons. 

The unique association of gold, the natural element of the gems, and beautiful designs results in the 10.18 relaxed yet elegant appeal ideal for all occasions.

The Troubadour Collection

As the definition goes, a Troubadour is a wayfarer, wandering around singing songs and lyrical tunes in a delightful manner. This collection reflects that very sentiment, with its jewelry being synonymous with color and joy.

The vibrant collection brings forth the designer’s vision of fun and easy-to-wear jewelry, using the best Indian enamel crafts in combination with gold. 

The stackable rings mimic the whimsical nature of entertaining troubadours and the earrings and bracelets complement the essence of this collection, echoing the vibrancy of the musical wanderer.

Making of Ivar Jewelry

At Ivar Jewelry, pieces are meant to be enjoyed for generations to come. This is why it take times to carefully craft each piece with fine attention to detail. All the pieces are made in traditional Indian jewelry techniques in factories across India. The best craftsmen are involved to understand the designer’s aesthetic and bring those designs to life. The unique portrayal of Indian techniques in modern and western styles results in Ivar’s exclusive and inimitable jewels.

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About Ritika Ravi – The Designer

Growing up surrounded by nature, dance, music and art, Ritika Ravi shapes her designs by these experiences. Her love for creating beautiful things translated to a formal BA (Hons) Fashion Jewelry degree from the esteemed London College of Fashion.

Ritika Ravi – Designer of Ivar Jewelry

Passionate about jewelry, Ritika speaks of a sophisticated laidback lifestyle. She draws her inspiration from her Indian roots and international upbringing. Her impeccably crafted creations associates Western designs with well-known Indian artistry. As a result, her beautiful and exclusive jewels combine contemporary aesthetics and authentic crafts.

Her eye for detail, unique aesthetic and love for the craft are synonymous with the jewelry’s sophistication and international appeal.

For more information or online jewelry shopping, please visit www.ivarjewelry.com