Fiorever Bvlgari, the new diamond masterpiece

an entirely new collection presented by the magnificent roman jeweler

Fiorever Bvlgari - New Diamond Masterpiece
Fiorever - Bvlgari - New Diamond Masterpiece

A whimsical marriage of the Italian word for flower, fiore, and the English word forever, Fiorever Bvlgari establishes the flower as an official symbol of the magnificent Roman jeweler.

Fiorever Bvlgari - New Diamond Collection
Fiorever – Bvlgari – New Diamond Collection

An exaltation of natural beauty in the every day, the flower is a classic jewelry motif, one the Italian Maison has interpreted with unrivaled craftsmanship and bold creativity since 1920. Now Bvlgari immortalizes the four-petal flower, an emblem of the Roman passion for life, in an enchanting diamond creation.

Fiorever Bvlgari
Fiorever – Bvlgari

The collection’s signature is a wild bloom with four petals, plucked from Rome’s heritage. The gracious motif decorates many of the vestiges of the Roman Empire: the garden frescos of Villa di Livia, the sculptures of Palazzo Massimo, and the ceiling mosaics of the Santa Costanza Mausoleum, to name a few. Exclusively crafted with bold lines and everlasting diamonds, the new icon is a scintillating celebration of The Eternal City’s timeless beauty, sparkling joy and the irreverent Fiorever woman.

The exuberant Fiorever woman: Ambassador Úrsula Corberó

In the new Fiorever Bvlgari campaign shot by acclaimed photographer Mario Sorrenti, the Fiorever woman is interpreted by latin actress Úrsula Corberó.

The Barcelona native is a breakout celebrity on the international scene, thanks to her stellar performance in the hit Netflix series La Casa de Papel, known in English as Money Heist. Always exuding an irresistible positivity, Úrsula possesses an intrinsic Roman joy for life, solar energy, a lighthearted spontaneity that makes her a quintessential Fiorever woman.

Fiorever Bvlgari - Ambassador Úrsula Corberó
Fiorever – Bvlgari – Ambassador Úrsula Corberó

Embracing la dolce vita, the Fiorever woman follows her own instinct and never compromises. Her days are joyful, her nights are exhilarating, and her life is a spontaneous adventure. Fiorever is her keepsake, a reminder to infuse her life with passion as resplendent and unforgettable as the singular, sparkling flower.

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Bvlgari’s New Diamond Masterpiece: Fiorever

The free-spirited energy of Fiorever Bvlgari shines through the four-petal flower, glittering with the highest quality diamonds (color D-F, clarity IF-VVS). Its center is a precious solitaire from 0.10 to 0.50 carats, and around this immutable heart, the petals of each exquisite flower tilt upward, a display of Bvlgari’s trademark style of design through volume.

Fiorever Bvlgari - Fiore Forever
Fiorever – Bvlgari – Fiore Forever

With this sculptural quality, the bloom comes alive and tempts you to touch it, like an actual, tantalizing flower. But unlike an ephemeral bloom, the Fiorever flower is cast in gemstones renowned for being eternal and thrives perpetually in twenty-four distinctive pieces. Gathered together, they create a dream bouquet of the world’s most precious flowers, each one a jewel to be treasured Fiorever.

Fiorever new collection was inspired by High Jewelry creations introduced in 2017 and which will continue to crown the new diamond jewelry collection.


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